Capital Zen (Reunion)***

Powerful and original; CAPITAL Zen has swept the scene with innovative riffs and challenging compositions. With a wide spectrum of inspiration, CAPITAL Zen’s roots tap everything from Jazz to Punk, Prog to Classical, Metal to Blues, along with many other stops in between. Zen creates a feel and tone unlike any other. Since 2009 CAPITAL Zen has managed to progress and shape unique grooves, while refusing to sacrifice quality vocals or thought provoking lyrics. With a little unzi and perhaps some 7/9, CAPITAL Zen keeps the blood flowing and feet stomping.

CAPITAL Zen is constantly working to bring their high energy dance party to new venues throughout the northeast and beyond. Zen strives to consistently surprise their fans night after night. With a variety of covers sprinkled throughout each set, accompanied by an entrancing light production, every show is an event.

*** Performing free festival pre-party at Shepard Park with The Funky Dawgz Brass Band on Friday, August 31