Cool Cool Cool

Cool Cool Cool blends the best of Funk, House and R&B to create a sound that is truly unique. With dynamic female-led vocals, a tight horn section, swirling synths and a rhythm section that lays down a wicked groove, this band knows how to deliver an electrifying performance. When you see Cool Cool Cool in person, you’ll be swept up by the energy of their music and unforgettable live show.

After spending more than a decade traveling the world together with the touring act Turkuaz, the members of Cool Cool Cool decided to team up and form their own band in 2022. Their shared experiences, from playing dive bars to international festival stages, helped them develop a close bond that goes far beyond music. In Cool Cool Cool, this bond translates into a powerful synergy that allows each band member to showcase their individual talents, creativity, and passion.

Their debut single from Color Red Music, “Never Noticed” will be released on November 17th, 2023. The band creates a blend of Funk and R&B with a mix of lo-fi vibes for this grooving and dreamy track recorded at Color Red Studios. The release comes hot off the heels of Cool Cool Cool’s recent performances as the band for Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew’s ‘Remain In Light’ tour, as well as support for Andy Frasco’s ‘L’Optimist’ tour