Suke Cerulo Band

Suke Cerulo is one of the most talented guitarists on the scene today. Suke wowed crowds all across the country in 2022 as the fill-in guitar player for the band moe. Filling in for moe.’s Chuck Garvey was a tall order and some huge shoes to fill, but Suke navigated the role brilliantly. He was able to capture Garvey’s tone and essence while being himself and shredding fans’ ears with his blistering fretboard work all across the Nation.

Cerulo is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and came through those halls at the same time as the likes of Eric Krasno and Adam Deitch. While they were forming Lettuce, Suke formed his band Schleigho, a Funk/Prog/Acid Jazz/Rock band and became an integral part of the 90’s Jamband scene. Schleigho was signed to Flying Frog Records by the Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks. Scheligho would go on to tour and share the stage with Butch’s nephew Derek Trucks

Over the years Suke has toured with the likes of Conehead Buddha and Lynch(w/Jim Loughlin) and he found a home at the legendary New York Guitar School as one of their top teachers. Suke recently released a series of 5 books called The Lead Guitar Workshop to rave reviews.

His teaching of guitar allowed Cerulo to hone and appreciate the craft of songwriting which is prevalent in his solo release One Aim. Suke has managed to harness the technicality and raw energy of his playing into well crafted songs that take you on a journey and feel the feels. Suke Cerulo’s playing is an experience and not to be missed.

Band Lineup:
Suke Cerulo (Schleigho) – Guitar / Vocals
Erik Egol (Schleigho) – Drums
Chris DeAngelis (Kung Fu/The Machine) – Bass
Terry Lynch (Conehead Buddha) – Trumpet
Neil Spitzer (Conhead Buddha) -Baritone Sax
John Cushing – Trombone