Annie in the Water

Annie in the Water’s Americana Indie Rock found its roots in acoustic guitars without limits. Over time, their songwriting and ability to traverse across multiple genres offers the listener experiences in rock, funk, reggae, hip hop, soul, dancebeat and jam with pleasurable melodies led by guitars and synthesizers overtop a ground-shaking rhythm section.

Because every show is different, experiencing the music of Annie in the Water live can be compared to paddling with a river. At times you may find yourself in the calm of the flow while at other times you may be deep in the rapids while the music churns and grows in energy. With the ebbs and flows you’re reminded of the constant that you are a part of something greater than yourself, working together with the forces around you and caught in the midst of a beautiful moment in time.

Comprised of members Brad Hester (Lead Vocals/Rhythm), Michael Lashomb (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Josh West (Drums/Vocals), Chris Meier (Bass/Vocals), Matt Richards (Keys/Vocals) and Brock Kuca (Percussion/Vocals), each performance is another adventure; exhilarating and everlasting.