Ghosts of Jupiter

Ghosts of Jupiter is a psychedelic rock band based out of the Boston area, previously known as the Nate Wilson Group. Led by former Percy Hill keyboardist Nate Wilson (currently touring with moe.), the band features a loud, riff-heavy sound inspired by classic rock groups such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Cream. GOJ also features Guitarist Adam Terrell (Assembly of Dust), bassist Tommy Lada and drummer Tom Arey (Peter Wolf / J. Geils Band).

Since forming in 2011, Ghosts of Jupiter have released 3 full-length albums and an EP, in addition to an earlier album, Unbound, which was released under Nate Wilson Group in 2008. Ghosts of Jupiter’s 2011 self-titled album featured blues-inspired, heavy guitar riffs, showcasing the bands psych-era rock sound, reminiscent of the late 60’s and 70’s. The album was followed up in 2016 with the critically acclaimed release of The Great Bright Horses.

Ghosts of Jupiter’s 3rd and latest album Keepers of the Newborn Green demonstrates a sharply honed expansion of their varied sound, running the musical gamut between pastoral acid-tinged folk, mellotron and flute-laden prog explorations. The album features ethereal vocal melodies, steeped in lyrical mysticism, combined with a menacing dose of “Saucerful of Secrets” era Pink Floyd.

The ten songs featured on Keepers of the Newborn Green were mixed and engineered by bassist Tommy Lada, utilizing the band’s mobile and home recording equipment during 2020’s pandemic. Drummer Tom Arey supplied the basic tracks at the band’s studio in Allston MA, and all other elements were compiled remotely. Guitarist Adam Terrell recorded most of his parts from his home studio in VA, while Wilson worked on vocals, keyboards, guitar and flute tracks at his home in Worcester, MA.

Thematically the album reflects some of the unavoidable political upheaval of the past few years, in particular the 2nd track “Villians” juxtaposes earthy medieval folk sounds with a critique of the toxic segmented realities created by modern media. Other songs on the album, in particular “Imperium Waves,” and “On Bending Tides,” reflect the emotionally cathartic side effects that were born of the interruptions of our daily lives caused by the events of 2020. Track 7 “Sea of Madness” examines the influence of conspiracy theories, misinformation and anti-science sentiment that has made its way to the forefront of modern culture in recent years.

In addition to sharing the stage with the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, moe., Robert Randolph and more, the band teamed up with Boston’s Museum of Science in 2012 to create Ghosts of Jupiter: Music Experience, a music and animation project that recalled the laser-light shows of classic rock’s yesteryear. The show ran for over a year at the Charles Haydyn Planetarium and was featured at planetarium festivals in Auckland, NZ and Boulder, CO.