Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Formed in 2001 in Rochester, NY, Giant Panda first received praise for their live show, which combined world beats and reggae rhythms with an urgent energy and jamband dynamics. It’s no surprise that Live For Live Music called the band, “…one of the most innovative and genre-pushing reggae bands out there.” The twenty year-old band consists of Dylan Savage (guitar, vocals), James Searl (bass, vocals), Chris O’Brian (drums, vocals), Eli Flynn (guitar, vocals), and Tony Gallicchio (keyboards). Beyond their celebrated live energy, Panda has also released six studio albums, ranging from their alternative Americana releases Country (2012) and Bright Days (2015) to their Billboard Reggae Chart toppers Steady (2014) and Make It Better (2016), Giant Panda has built an extensive and eclectic catalog that stands the test of time. Their new album Love In Time [Easy Star Records] has an April 7 2023 release date and delivers a fresh new evolution of the band’s trademark sound that results from their newly collaborative approach.

Searl summarizes, “In the end, Love In Time became exactly what our original intention was – to make a collaborative record with incredible musicians, producers, and collected friends worldwide that would stretch our spectrum musically while combining all of the elements that have defined Giant Pandaʼs sound in the past. Often those sounds and styles have been found separated on different Giant Panda records, but Love In Time is the best combination of them all yet.”