Rob Beaulieu Band

Rob Beaulieu Band is a deep dive into Americana with a slightly more blues and soul take than you will find with Raisinhead. Rob explores an improvised approach to the rock, folk, blues, R&B and soul catalog… playing everything from gospel tunes to Lou Reed, and whatever lies in between. Reinterpreting many of his own songs, as well as the whole experience, will leave you in a soulful mood. The show is slightly akin to a Jerry Garcia Band show with a more rock edge. Never the same show, never the same approach, the band includes Tony Perrino on organ. Tony toured with ex-Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dan Toller for 10 years and solidifies the southern blues and soul elements in the band. If you want to come and be rocked, dance some, cry some, laugh and smile a lot, this is for you.