Floodwood **

Floodwood is a progressive string band from Central NY featuring the combined talents of Vinnie Amico (moe.), Jason Barady, Nick Piccininni and Zach Fleitz. With “bluegrass instruments” (plus drums) these 4 musicians from varied backgrounds show that music knows no bounds. At a Floodwood show you can expect to hear everything from traditional sounding bluegrass to Jessie J, jazz to the Grateful Dead…really just anything and everything.

As for what you will see at a Floodwood show; the band wishes they knew too. They combine brother-like rivalry, their passion for music, a lot of laughter and a heapload of energy into one very entertaining performance. Anything can happen with Floodwood…


** Performing FREE Festival Kick-Off Party
King Neptune’s // Friday, August 30 at 10:00pm